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The Vegan Mexican Cookbook

The Vegan Mexican Cookbook

The Vegan Mexican Cookbook is an ebook focused on Vegan recipes inspired by Mexico. From drinks to desserts, there is a wide variety of recipes that will soon become your family's favorites! #cookbook #vegan #mexican
I’m so excited you guys! The Vegan Mexican Cookbook ebook is now for available to buy. I have been waiting for this day for awhile. I have mentioned it a few times here on the blog that I was writing an ebook, specifically a Vegan Mexican ebook. I started working on the ebook earlier this year and it honestly took me a little longer than I had planned. Overall I am really happy with how the ebook turned out!

Click here to purchase your copy now! The ebook will be viewable in a PDF on mobile devices, tablets, laptop, and desktop computers.

The Recipes in The Vegan Mexican Cookbook:

The ebook is filled with 24 easy to make recipes that you are just going to love. My ultimate goal for the book was to a have a wide variety of recipes. I wanted there to be a good mix of basic recipes along with delicious entrees. Many of the recipes are traditional Mexican recipes that are naturally Vegan and plant-based. The other recipes in the book are my spin on classic recipes.

The Vegan Mexican Cookbook: an ebook filled with vegan recipes inspired by Mexico

Here are some of the delicious Vegan recipes that you’ll be able to create in your own kitchen:

Hibiscus Water with Chia Seeds
Salsa Roja
Mexican Rolls
Lentil Soup with Plantains
Potato Tacos
Green Poblano Pasta
Hibiscus Sorbet
Rice Pudding Popsicles 

Lentil Sauce Enchiladas from The Vegan Mexican Cookbook Green Poblano Pasta from The Vegan Mexican Cookbook by Jeni Hernandez

My personal favorite recipe?

It is hard to pick a favorite recipe, but the Hibiscus Sorbet and Roasted Poblano Hummus are high up there on the favorites list. My husband Hector had a hard time deciding on his favorite too, but he ultimately decided on the Potato Tacos. He could eat those tacos everyday if he could.

Roasted Poblano Hummus from The Vegan Mexican Cookbook by Jeni Hernandez.#vegan #mexican Hibiscus Sorbet from The Vegan Mexican Cookbook by Jeni Hernandez. #vegan #mexican
Creating this ebook was such a fun passion project for me and I hope that your family will enjoy these 100% Vegan recipes as much as mine does.

The Vegan Mexican Cookbook by Jeni Hernandez is now available for purchase!